Gopinath Vellat

Gopinath Vellatt

Gopinath Vellatt

Principal Consultant - Electronics, Safety, Security Instrumentation


An Electronics and Communication engineering professional from Indian Navy. Possess more than 30 years of significant senior level experience of Commercial Business Management. Expertise in diversified industries in Electronics, Safety, Security Instrumentation

Specialities: Techno-commercial feasibilities across the vide spectrum of applications not limited to Enterprise software/hardware, SAAS, instrumentation, Radio Communication Aids, Radars, Acoustic systems, GPS, RFID, NFC, complete range of electronic sensors, Homeland/ boarder Electronic Security system applications, including container screening, long range thermal imaging, Laboratory instrumentations, diagnostics devices, High Value Heavy Equipment, Hospital and Medical laboratory devices, IVD instruments and military, Aviation and Marine equipment. Proficient in conducting technical workshops, EPC in instrumentation Systems including LRTI, Fleet Management-GPS / AVL / IVMS / EAM / Telematics / Onboard Weighing Systems, Smart City Solutions, IoT, ICT Solutions, Media, Entertainment, Broadcasting and Medical devices/equipment. Adept at conducting risk/vulnerability assessments, EMI/EMC, B2B, M2M & SCM, product analysis, evaluation and making unmitigated recommendations